Sending files is now simple and easy

Simply send...

Sending files is easy, just add and send.

Your files are stored in your account until you delete them.

Once you send a file to someone, they are added to your contacts.

They don't have to be registered to get your files.
We Believe in Simple and Easy
Why Register? Because our Free is Your Premium
  • No Expiration of files and transfers
  • Send bigger files
  • Start with 2GB storage and file size and increase by simply using KwiqFlick
  • Storage and file size capacity increases every time you send a file to a new user who registers
  • Instant transfer
  • All for free

Simply add a file and send to anyone with an email address.
Add files and send...
Collaborate with your teammates on projects.

Chat and collaborate
Share folders...
Share folders by dragging and dropping to your contacts.

Download folders...
Download folders and its subfolders as zip files.

Make life simple and easy